Aug 262011


She looked away from the monitor to hang up on the incoming call. After setting her phone on silent, she lost herself with faceless friends.



This post was written in response to the Red Writing Hood  weekly writing meme on Write On Edge. This week, writers were asked to write a short story using Twitter as our Muse and 140 characters as our character limit.

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  23 Responses to “Disconnected”

  1. This is pretty great!

  2. Wow-thank you, Everyone! I really appreciate the comments and am grateful so many can relate.

  3. Now if that’s not the perfect story for a www writing prompt, I don’t know what is. I can so relate!

  4. Ha! I love the disconnected part, tho I’m not sure my hubs does, LOL! love this!

  5. Loved this one! I can completely relate!

  6. Absolutely perfect story within a tweet!! So modern! :>

  7. The title is just perfect. Not that there’s anything wrong with faceless friends :)

  8. This is so me when the house is quiet late at night – connecting on a totally different level.

  9. Great stuff. This has been me many a time.

  10. I love your title. Some days I live this.

  11. So true! I totally turn off the phone when I’m blogging!

  12. Love this take on the prompt. Hitting a little close to home. :)

  13. Faceless friends…excellent choice of words!

  14. Sometimes the faceless friends are the best.

  15. Perfection. Love my faceless friends!

  16. Hit it on the head! It’s amazing how much more connected we feel to our “faceless friends” than those we have right around us in the flesh.

  17. Hooray for sleeping children and Mommy Time! =D

  18. Oh man, did you ever nail this one! *Love!*

  19. Great title, great emotions evoked from this piece, and I adore the “faceless friends” description. Really nice job!

  20. i agree with nicole, the disconnection title is perfect, and great response to the prompt!

  21. Yes. I have caught myself looking at my faceless friends while talking to my real mother on the phone. What a shame that I can loose myself so easily.

  22. Somehow that reminds me of myself while blogging :)) Nowadays I enjoy chats with my ‘faceless friends’ more than those I can see! Uh oh.

    Visiting you from Write on Edge. Great response to the prompt!

  23. Ah… the “faceless friends” I love that. Perfect. Disconnected is also such a fantastic title!

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