Dec 052012

I’m going backwards. Before I show you the ride between Tucson and Northern Maine, I’m showing you the first snow fall and how Buttercup was so excited that she insisted in skipping breakfast and suiting up to go play first. She doesn’t understand yet that snow is not the rarity here that it was in Tucson. But I doubt it will make a difference when she does. I have never seen her more excited to get out of bed and race out the door.


Mama! Look!

Barely enough to cover the ground. Enough to make her eyes light up.


Rain boots? Hell nah. Up here, these babies are referred to as mud boots.


Two Arizona natives suddenly realizing the desert actually kind of sucks.


Her second ever snow angel. The first was in Williams, Arizona during a freak blizzard.


No Mesquite. No allergies. No cocktail of medications to keep her healthy. No being trapped inside. Maine's looking pretty damned good from where we're standing.

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