It’s like establishing credit: You need it to get it. And if you wanna be a famous author, you need a platform to get that book deal. Sure, I’ve got hundreds of newspaper and magazine bylines. Yes, I’m a loud-mouth who shamelessly self-promotes on twitter, my blogs, and though the web-saavy friends I can bribe with compliments and promises of signed copies of future published books. And of course, I’ve got that sweet little essay contest going to build readership, web hits, and perhaps an anthology from the kickin’ essays I expect.

But when it all comes down to it, I’m a mom trying to reach out to other moms. And any mom knows that time is precious because kids are fast and we need to be faster, so a long and convoluted Why I Rock essay is just gonna bore you, piss me off, and perhaps be blamed for the time you spent reading that allowed your kids to shave the cat again.

Forget all that (and save the cat.) Here it all is in 140 characters or less:

Dear agents: my platform-the houseplants survived so I got dogs. The dogs survived so I had a kid. She’s 2 now & I am still sane = platform

  5 Responses to “Platform”

  1. I’m on it, Juliette. Just wear a hat while she’s there. After the cats are done, she might go a bit crazy.

  2. Good platform – but could be an eensy bit longer ….
    Send daughter to me for weekend….
    both my cats need a shave!

  3. Forget the cat – I’ve got a 100 lb Rottweiler that needs to be shaved!

  4. Love it. I wish my kids would shave the cat. Might save me at least one day on floors. :)

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