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Interested in connecting? Have a thought on something I’ve posted but don’t want to share it with the world? I can be reached at aspiringmama AT gmail DOT com. Let me know what’s on your mind. I love reader feedback.

You can also catch me on twitter.

I also have a twitter account dedicated to my memoir-in-progress, Baby Ph(f)at: Adventures in Motherhood, Weight Loss, and Trying to Stay Sane.

So get in touch. Follow me. Email me. Leave a comment. Or perhaps you want to offer me a book deal?

Hey, I can dream, right?

My ego and I thank you in advance.

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  1. Hey! Been following you on twitter for some time now. Love your site! I’m interested in learning more about Bloggy Boot Camp. Not sure I can make it in to any this year. But, I read on their site that they have an online option. Obviously, I’d miss out on the networking aspect. But, was wondering if you’ve ever done it or know anyone who has. Also, how is it different from blogher?

  2. We at Lisa & Lisa Write a Book have an award for you over on our blog, if you’d like to stop by to collect it. :)

  3. Hi Pauline: Love your posts and it was great meeting you at Mom’s night out . . . Rhonda

    • I loved meeting you, too, Rhonda! And thank you very much for reading. I hope you stop by again soon.

  4. “I’m writing non-fiction, which requires a proposal with an author overview, an analysis of competition, an author bio, a marketing plan, a table of contents, and a book sample”

    any chance you have a short definition you could forward of what these things are?


    (or angelica)

    PS if you do I will forward you my email or you can also get me on twitter, which you already know

    • Angelica,
      Dude! I am so working on that for my next post! I’ve been doing this long enough I guess I forgot I didn’t know a few months ago, either! Lemme see if I can do this without confusing you now….

  5. just read your post about your abuelito.
    so sweet.
    just wanted to say that

  6. I look forward to reading your book review once you receive your copy of “Goodbye, Walter.” Please send me the link when you do, so I can tweet your blog!


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